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Malta Chocolate Factory Photography Competition


Images of Malta


What is it?

Malta Chocolate Factory (MCF) is running a competition between now and the 31 March 2019 for budding photographers (amateur and professional) to submit an image which they believe reflects the beauty of Malta.  MCF will be looking for eight images which showcase the varied beauty of Malta to be used in the creation of a special Images of Malta Chocolate Collection Box.


Each image should be square in shape (we will be printing at 8cm x 8cm) with a minimum 300dpi.  It should reflect something about Malta but it up to the photographer to decide what that is.  It can be landscapes, buildings, nature....anything that you think is an awesome picture that anyone looking at it would think “that is Malta”!


MCF will judge the entrants in April and in May 2019 will announce the winners at an awards night where the new product will be unveiled. 


Product Description

  • Malta Chocolate Factory is releasing a range of eight chocolates in a beautiful Maltese package.  It is our intention to help showcase both the beauty of our island as well as the artistry of its resident photographers – both professional and amateur alike.

  • Each chocolate will be individually boxed in their own beautifully design boxed with one of eight winning images from the Images of Malta competition on that box.

  • The entire range of eight winning designs will be sold in an Images of Malta specially designed package which will contain all eight winning boxes.

  • Each individual box in the set will have a short bio of the winning photographer and can also include a photo and/or link to their website or Facebook page. These will be published on the back of the individual box.

  • The entrant retains rights to the image so can also sell prints or similar through their website, Facebook page or any other means, but grants right to MCF to use the image.

  • Each winning photographer will receive a royalty per box sold in the set as well as 5 Images of Malta chocolate collection boxes.

  • The Images of Malta chocolate collection will be sold for a minimum of twelve months through MCF and its retail outlets.

Terms & Conditions

  • MCF is the judge of the competition and the judge’s decision is final.

  • The competition closes at midnight in 31 March 2019.

  • The competition entrant warrants that they are the copyright owner of the image and takes all legal responsibility for defending, retaining and managing such right.

  • The competition entrant warrants that they have the right to use this image in the competition and enter into a licensing arrangement with MCF in regard to the image.

  • The entrant will grant MCF, and MCF will retain, perpetual license to use the winning image in the production of the Images of Malta product as well as any and all publications relating to the product or MCF.  These rights survive any sale of the image by the entrant to any third party in the future. 

  • Where the entrant sells their rights to the image the license granted to MCF for use of the image must also be transferred as part of the sale.

  • Where the entrant sells their rights to the image the rights to the royalty on the use of the image by MCF will also transfer to the new owner.

  • It is the responsibility of the owner of the image to inform MCF in writing of any transfer of ownership in a timely manner.  MCF will not be responsible for any additional royalty payments paid to the previous owner instead of the new owner if MCF have not been notified of sale.

  • Each entrant is responsible for their own tax arrangements for royalties.  MCF will pay against an invoice from the entrant showing clearly their name and address details, and also their VAT details if so registered. 

  • MCF retains the right to remove an image from the Images of Malta set and immediately stop paying royalties where the entrant, through behaviour, social media presence, or legal proceedings, may bring MCF’s brand or name into disrepute through association.  MCF has full rights and final say on this matter.




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