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Be Daring with Alcohol & Chocolate Pairing

What’s better than high-quality chocolate? Pairing it with alcohol! If you’ve ever been told that wine and chocolate don’t mix – you haven’t been to one of our events. Chocolate and alcohol: this is a simple enough relationship, yet one which requires choosing the right alcoholic pairing for your chocolate otherwise the flavour won’t be pleasant. How to pair chocolate and alcohol, then?

The Ying Yang of Flavour Balance

Although it all boils downs to personal taste, generally speaking, flavours need to be balanced. A very strong and bitter chocolate, for instance, needs to be paired with a sweeter alcohol, while white wines and dessert wines can work with anything from plain chocolate to sea salted caramel truffles. You can experiment with different types of spirits, beers and wines and find the right combination for your palate but there are certain pairs that really don’t go together.

Learning how to pair chocolate and alcohol can be a good way to experience something new and can make for unusual presents for chocolate and alcohol enthusiasts alike.

Get a Taste of Paradise at Malta Chocolate Factory

As the only chocolate factory in Malta, other than chocolate-making workshops, we also offer chocolate and alcohol-pairing. During our hour-long events, we explain the chocolate-making process and the individual flavour notes of each truffle or praline to show how chocolates and alcohol together can enhance each of the others’ flavours. Choose from:

  • Beer & Chocolate Pairings – We pair a tasting selection of Maltese craft beers with six of our premium handmade chocolates. We discuss how beer is made and compare and contrast the flavour notes.

  • Wine & Chocolate Pairings - we pair a tasting selection of Maltese wines with six of our premium handmade chocolates. We discuss the wine, where it comes from, and their different flavours.

  • Cocktail & Chocolate Pairings – Taste cocktails (or even learn to make your own) and pair them with our scrumptious selection of chocolates!

From white cookies and cream to dark honeycomb crunch, our wide assortment of pralines truffles, as well as original giftware such as chocolate high-heeled shoes, Malta Chocolate Factory offers something for everyone. Come over to our shop and café in Bugibba and see what the best chocolate Malta has to offer tastes like!

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