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Who is Malta Chocolate Factory?

The Malta Chocolate Factory is a delightful destination in Malta for chocolate enthusiasts. Here's what you need to know:

1. Location and Experience:

- The Malta Chocolate Factory is located in Bugibba, Malta.

- It offers a unique experience where visitors can witness the art of chocolate-making firsthand.

- Through a kitchen viewing window, you can observe skilled artisans creating handmade chocolates using local Maltese ingredients.

- The entire process of how chocolate is formed and made is shared with visitors, making it an educational and enjoyable experience.

2. Activities and Offerings:

- The factory hosts various activities and events:

- Chocolate Making Classes: Visitors can try their hand at chocolate-making or participate in tasting sessions.

- Café: The on-site café serves world-famous hot chocolate and a variety of hot and cold snacks and drinks.

- Gift Shop: Choose from over 100 chocolate products, making it an ideal place to find that perfect special gift.

- Birthday Parties: Children's birthday parties can be booked, promising a fun and very chocolaty celebration.

- Team Building Events: Corporate groups, social gatherings, and schools can organise team-building events at the factory.

3. Free Entry and Tastings:

- Entry to the Malta Chocolate Factory is completely free.

- Visitors can sample chocolates and truly "taste the fun" during their visit.

- Whether you're a chocolate lover, curious about the process, or looking for unique gifts, this factory has something for everyone.

If you're ever in Malta, don't miss the chance to explore the Malta Chocolate Factory and immerse yourself in the world of delectable chocolates! 🍫🌟


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