Unusual Chocolate Flavours You Must Try…At Least Once

We always want to try and keep it on the safe side when it comes to chocolate. Nuts, dried fruit, mint, coffee. Yet chocolatiers and chocolate makers experiment all day in their laboratories to come up with innovative creations, making it too tempting to see the results of their work to stick with the tradition. So, here are some unexpected chocolate flavours, brought to you by Malta Chocolate Factory. 1. Soy Sauce Whether you like soy sauce or not, trying it in chocolate at least once is a must! Drizzle it over brownies or fudge cake to create a beautiful caramel sauce with a rich taste. This strange combination creates a unique flavour and will leave your taste buds wanting more... or wish

Delicious and... Nutritious?! 5 Health Benefits of Chocolate

In a previous blog, the team at Malta Chocolate Factory investigated the science behind chocolate’s feel-good factor. This time, we’re taking a look at the health benefits – yes, health benefits! – of everyone’s favourite confectionery. Take a bite out of these chocolatey health facts below! 1. What chocolate is the healthiest? It’s all about the flavonoids when it comes to healthy chocolate; in general, the darker the chocolate (70% or above cocoa), the higher the flavonoid content. These nifty nutrients can help to prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer, and are commonly found in fruit, broccoli, onions and tea. 2. Chocolate is good for the heart... Once again – all hail the pow

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