Tis the Season to be Jolly

We never thought we’d be supplying Christmas Chocolate so early, however with so much grim in the world it only makes sense people are looking for the next big thing that we can all celebrate together…. Christmas! Our Chocolatiers have been working hard to create our entire list of products that will be ready for sale by the middle of October. Keep an eye out and remember Malta Chocolate Factory Chocolate makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

Scream Season at Malta Chocolate Factory!

October is our third Biggest time of the year, it’s a month where we really get silly and scary. Celebrating all this Halloween, with special sponge pops shaped like eyeballs, and Jazzy Freckles in the shape of Pumpkins! This year with so many of your favourite events cancelled, we decided to introduce our new range of events for both Children and Adults. Starting on the 24th October at 2pm, we are offering a Children’s chocolate and potion making class. Each child gets to create two halloween inspired chocolate master pieces and learn to make their very own potion that changes colours. On top of this we offer a history lesson on both the production of chocolate and the origins of Halloween.

Time to Tee Off?

What’s fun in make the same old products every day when you can be creative. Every month we sit down with our Marketing Team and Chocolatiers and brain storm new possible items that we can create fully out of Chocolate. This month we decided to produce several new pieces that we think people would love. Let us present our white chocolate golf balls. Made purely out of white chocolate and moulded to perfection to represent the real thing. The perfect choice for that ‘someone’ you know who apparently is the best Golfer in Town!

How Health is Chocolate?

Anything in moderation is usually ok – right? If you can moderate your chocolate intake (but why would you want to?) here are some tips to help. The good news is, you don’t have to cheat yourself or your diet, because there are healthier versions of chocolate. Yep, not all chocolate is created equal, and here’s how to pick the best nutritional options. When it comes to making healthier chocolate choices, a simple rule to follow: the darker the better. Dark chocolate made from upwards of 60 per cent cocoa has higher amounts of antioxidants. This is important, because antioxidants are the molecules that fight to protect your body from disease. In comparison, the cocoa in milk or white chocolat

New taste sensations in our café

We’ve heard you when you say you’d love some new options in the café at MCF. We’ve introduced a new and exciting range of taste sensations. Try our chocolate fondant cake. Chocolate cake filled with gooey flowing chocolate fondant and served in a most elegant way. Chez magnifique! Our warm waffles come with lots of sides including cream and chocolate for you to make your own sweet creation. Filling, warming and sure to satisfy the sweetest tooth. And a new savoury range of food platters too. We have single and double platters with options of meat, cheese or vegan. With lots of tasty nibbles on the platters they are a smorgasbord of tastes and textures. With each platter comes a wine, beer o

Calling All Brainiacs

We’ve started a new, fun and covid safe way to enjoy a couple of hours every Sunday afternoon. Head to Malta Chocolate Factory in Bugibba at 4pm and join the quiz. Plenty of cash and super chocolatey prizes to be won. Get your group of brainiac friends together - or you can do it alone Einstein! We also have card bingo games and our MEGA progressive jackpot round that starts at €100 and jackpots every week until it’s won. Share one of our filling cheese, meat or vegan platters with wine and beer or have one of our world-famous hot chocolate drinks. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and truly scrumptious sweet treats are all available on the day too.

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