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Beat the Heat with Malta Chocolate Factory

Summer is well and truly upon us and yet there has never been a better time for chocolate! That’s right! There’s no signs of slowing down here at Malta Chocolate Factory, and we have started in on our summer schedule of events at our Experience Centre, we’re fruit and nutty about seeing so many new faces come in and enjoy our handcrafted creations!

Saying that, chocolate might not always be the first to come to mind in Summer. So, all of us here at Malta Chocolate Factory, put our heads together and decided to list down our top 5 in-store purchases to beat the heat in Malta this summer!

Aperol Spritz & Milk Chocolate Orange Truffle

Cappy Fruit Juice & White Chocolate Passionfruit Praline

Ice Cold Thick Chocolate Shake with Dark Chocolate Pastelles

Iced Coffee & Dark Berry Delights

Cisk Excel & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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