Come Over to the Green Side... (We Have Chocolate!)

You’ll be pleased to know that we at the Malta Chocolate Factory care just as much about the environment on our beautiful little island as we do about chocolate. Here are a few ways in which our team is planning to help out our environment - and a few ways it already does! We Use Fair Trade Chocolate We all love sinking our teeth into a freshly-bought chocolate truffle, savouring that first bite and allowing the full burst of flavours to caress our tongue… but have you ever wondered about the origin of all these amazing ingredients that make our tasty treats possible? Not only is buying fair chocolate more socially responsible, but the product itself also contains a higher amount of cocoa. T

A Chemical Matter: Why Chocolate Makes Us Happy

You’ve seen it in movies. A woman vegging out on the sofa, fresh out of a breakup, stuffing her face with chocolate. The message sent? Chocolate makes us feel better. Chocolate makes us feel good. And there is actual science behind this cause of happiness that goes beyond savouring chocolate’s delicious taste! Happiness is chemical Chocolate is a concoction of numerous chemicals and compounds that have been shown to give pleasure to the brain and body alike. Indeed, cocoa contains small amounts of some stimulants that are found in various legal drugs, and our team at Malta Chocolate Factory shares them with you! Phenylethylamine Well that’s a mouthful. Despite the small quantity present in c

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