Which Chocolate Are You?

When you think about it, different chocolates are just as varied, complex and unique as human nature itself! From crunchy and sweet to spicy and just slightly nutty, our array of sumptuous confectionery includes a chocolate for every kind of personality out there - and who better to match your personality to your favourite chocolate other than the only chocolate factory in Malta? Milk Chocolate Laid-back, easy-going and happy-go-lucky: that’s you to a T! Because of your versatile and accommodating nature, you know how to make the best out of any situation and find satisfaction in the simplest of things. You have a romantic side to your personality and take relationships seriously, always goi

Be Daring with Alcohol & Chocolate Pairing

What’s better than high-quality chocolate? Pairing it with alcohol! If you’ve ever been told that wine and chocolate don’t mix – you haven’t been to one of our events. Chocolate and alcohol: this is a simple enough relationship, yet one which requires choosing the right alcoholic pairing for your chocolate otherwise the flavour won’t be pleasant. How to pair chocolate and alcohol, then? The Ying Yang of Flavour Balance Although it all boils downs to personal taste, generally speaking, flavours need to be balanced. A very strong and bitter chocolate, for instance, needs to be paired with a sweeter alcohol, while white wines and dessert wines can work with anything from plain chocolate to sea

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