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Which Chocolate Are You?

When you think about it, different chocolates are just as varied, complex and unique as human nature itself! From crunchy and sweet to spicy and just slightly nutty, our array of sumptuous confectionery includes a chocolate for every kind of personality out there - and who better to match your personality to your favourite chocolate other than the only chocolate factory in Malta?

Milk Chocolate

Laid-back, easy-going and happy-go-lucky: that’s you to a T! Because of your versatile and accommodating nature, you know how to make the best out of any situation and find satisfaction in the simplest of things. You have a romantic side to your personality and take relationships seriously, always going the extra mile to show your partner just how much you care about them.

We suggest: The Milk Honeycomb Crunch, the Milk Chocolate Coconut Praline or the Milk Chocolate Orange Truffle.

Dark Chocolate

Lovers of dark chocolate are intense, opinionated and just a wee bit dramatic - they’re definitely not ones to back down from a challenge! Despite their strong character, they love to be around people and greatly value their relationships.

We suggest: Dark Dried Apricots, the Dark Chocolate Bar with Chilli or Single Origin Dark Chocolate from Madagascar.

White Chocolate

If your head is always in the clouds and your ideal evening is spent at home curled up with Netflix or a good book, we’re willing to bet you’re a white chocolate lover. You’re an introverted sort who marches to the beat of your own drum, and who enjoys being creative in their spare time.

We suggest: White Cookies and Cream, the White Chocolate Passionfruit Praline or the White Chocolate Strawberry Crunch.

Passionate About Pralines

Your life motto is basically #TREATYOSELF! Your love for pralines matches your love for life itself. Friends think of you as a warm-hearted and empathetic person; you enjoy surrounding yourself with the familiar rather than trying out new things - and that includes chocolate!

We Suggest: The 25 Truffle Gift Box, with a selection of our finest truffles and pralines.

Nutty About Nuts

Nut chocolate lovers tend to have a realistic outlook on life; rather than viewing most things as overwhelmingly negative, they choose to see the world as a perfect balance between light and dark. They have a small but close circle of friends who they trust wholeheartedly.

We Suggest: The White Chocolate Pistachio Truffle, the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar or the Dairy Milk Crunchy Peanut Brittle.

The Malta Chocolate Factory: The home to all chocolate lovers on the island!

Come one, come all to the only chocolate factory in Malta! Whether you’re a lover of dark chocolate or more partial to pralines, we’ve got you sorted. Satisfy your sweet tooth with any one of our delicious treats, or book an event with us for a truly unique hands-on experience! Don’t dawdle - make your way over to our chocolate factory in Malta today!

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