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Come Over to the Green Side... (We Have Chocolate!)

You’ll be pleased to know that we at the Malta Chocolate Factory care just as much about the environment on our beautiful little island as we do about chocolate. Here are a few ways in which our team is planning to help out our environment - and a few ways it already does!

We Use Fair Trade Chocolate

We all love sinking our teeth into a freshly-bought chocolate truffle, savouring that first bite and allowing the full burst of flavours to caress our tongue… but have you ever wondered about the origin of all these amazing ingredients that make our tasty treats possible?

Not only is buying fair chocolate more socially responsible, but the product itself also contains a higher amount of cocoa. This results in a richer, more luxurious taste, especially with chocolate that contains 70% cocoa. Fair trade chocolate also provides certain health benefits that most mass produced chocolate does not - most notably, a higher amount of endorphins that trigger positive feelings in the body and make you feel happy!

There are many ways in which Fair Trade chocolate is good for the planet; for one thing, many of its organisations help to increase biodiversity and preserve local habitats by working with farmers to develop sustainable harvests. Moreover, fair trade chocolate is also shade grown. This means that the cocoa is grown under a canopy, protecting the soil from erosion and even providing refuge for small mammals, insects, birds and reptiles. The higher cocoa yields that result from the shade growing process also reduce the necessity for harmful pesticides or fertilisers.

Our Green Initiatives

In order to reduce the damaging effects of single plastic usage, the Malta Chocolate Factory is introducing paper straws to replace their plastic counterparts, as well as multi-use cups instead of throwaway plastic ones. In addition to this, we are also planning to phase out plastic bottles in exchange for recyclable materials.

And all of this is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more of our eco-friendly initiatives in the future as we do our best to minimise our plastic footprint. Don’t forget that we also give out cardboard bags to customers after making a purchase, so the only thing you need to feel guilty about is all the chocolate you’re going to eat!

For more information about our products and services, contact us today. Want to try your hand at chocolate making in Malta? Have a look at our exciting and educational events - organised for both adults and children - and see which one strikes your fancy!

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