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Scream Season at Malta Chocolate Factory!

October is our third Biggest time of the year, it’s a month where we really get silly and scary. Celebrating all this Halloween, with special sponge pops shaped like eyeballs, and Jazzy Freckles in the shape of Pumpkins! This year with so many of your favourite events cancelled, we decided to introduce our new range of events for both Children and Adults.

Starting on the 24th October at 2pm, we are offering a Children’s chocolate and potion making class. Each child gets to create two halloween inspired chocolate master pieces and learn to make their very own potion that changes colours. On top of this we offer a history lesson on both the production of chocolate and the origins of Halloween. Surely an event not worth missing.

That evening when the children hit their beds we start at 7.30pm with our Harry Potter Cocktail Master Class. Ever wanted to make all the drinks Harry and his mates dig into? Well this is your chance to become the next bar tender in Malta. Each drink then is pared with a special chocolate produced just for this evening. Tickets are Limited!

It doesn’t stop here, with the 31st at 2pm offering a Family Halloween Workshop. Learn to create Halloween sweets and get into the spirit by learning more about the history of chocolate and why we Trick or Treat? This event is sold as a group 4 PAX per ticket, so mum and dad can join in too. Get the family together and bond over all things chocolate.

7.30pm on the 31st marks our final event of the month of October with our Special Halloween Cocktail Master Class. This is for those truly looking at making the scariest of drinks whilst understanding that chocolate can pretty much go with anything. Tickets once again are extremely limited!

Tickets are available in our online store under events.

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