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TVM with prime time feature about the Malta Chocolate Factory!

Posted On December 8, 2017 - Updated 9 December, 2017 9:41am

Report: Keith Demicoli

An Australian national decided to create a tourist attraction in Malta – a hand-made chocolate factory with the aim of starting a chocolate tradition with a Maltese touch for tourists.

Nine out of every ten persons love to eat chocolate, with estimates showing that the Maltese consume an yearly average of seven kilograms of chocolate.

Inspired by his passion for chocolate and Malta, Australian Neil Hitchcock opened an artisan chocolate factory in the Maltese islands.

He said: “the idea came because we thought there wasn’t anything here at the moment that celebrated the fun of chocolate on the Maltese islands and the Maltese islands has a rich history of chocolate going back to the Spanish times”.

Hitchcock said that with chocolate imported from Belgium, he adds Maltese typical ingredients so that the product is given a more Maltese touch. “For instance from January we are going to be introducing a fig truffle which is from local fig and we are also have a Cyrus truffle from local lemons”.

At the factory, we watched chocolate being manufactures by chocolatier David Pulis.

“I always worked in confectionery, not only on chocolate; now after a ten-year working experience at a major hotel, I decided to move to try something different”, David said.

Although Malta does not have the chocolate tradition found in Belgium or Switzerland, the Australian experiment might be the beginning of a chocolate tradition especially for tourists who love this product.