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A Chocolate For Every Moment

Just as there’s a dress for every event and a beer for every football game, there’s a chocolate for every moment in our lives! Here at the Malta Chocolate Factory we take pride in making all sorts of treats and truffles to be enjoyed on all sorts of occasions. Our team has compiled a brief guide which spotlights our very favourites. Warning: this blog may cause temporary drooling!

Can you feel the love tonight?

Feeling romantic? No other confectionary speaks the language of love better than chocolate - we should know! Our Box of Love Hearts is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, packaged in a delightful presentation box containing a set of small hearts made of dark, white and milk chocolate. Alternatively, opt for our equally irresistible Praline Heart Delights - with Golden Gooey Caramel Dark Chocolate, Coconut Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Strawberry Crunch, there’s definitely something to satisfy any chocolate lover! If it’s a souvenir you’re after to take home to a loved one, we recommend our Malta Chocolate Mug, which comes filled with white, milk and dark chocolate hearts.

Sweeten your lunch break

Brighten up a dreary work day by sharing one of our Chocolate Hazelnut Bars with a colleague, or slip it into your kids’ lunchbox if they’ve done exceptionally well in their exams! We also offer a sugar free, dark chocolate option, as well as White Chocolate Bars and a Dark Chocolate Chilli flavour to spice things up.

Throw a “wine night-in” to remember

Sharing a bottle of red with your girlfriends? Pair your beverage of choice with our Single Origin Dark Chocolate from Madagascar or São Tomé, containing 67.4% and 70% cocoa respectively. Dry, oaky red wines go wonderfully with the intense and complex tastes of these rich chocolate types, ideally savoured during intimate gatherings. In fact, wine lovers are known to be huge fans of single origin chocolate, describing it in terms such as “earthy, floral, herbal and berry”.

So many chocolates, so little time!

But the team at the Malta Chocolate Factory has made it easier for all of you thanks to our online shop! Sort through our online shop and find a range of giftware, chocolate bars, truffles and pralines and find the right chocolate for the right occasion. Of course, you’re more than welcome to pay us a visit at our shop in Bugibba if you’d like some hands-on advice from our friendly and helpful staff, here at the only chocolate factory in Malta!

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