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Pink is the New Black… and the World’s 4th Chocolate is Here!

White, milk, dark - we love chocolate in all its forms! Well, life, as well as our best friend - chocolate, has just got better! Chocolate lovers: rejoice, for the 4th chocolate is here, now at Malta Chocolate Factory.

Named Ruby after its distinctive pink colour, this unique chocolate comes 80 years after the discovery of white chocolate. This time round, Mother Nature has surprised us with a completely new colour, taste experience, and smooth and creamy texture, which falls somewhere between the one of milk and white chocolate.

Au Naturel: No flavourings, No colourants

Immerse yourself in this chocolate’s ruby colour and unique taste, bursting with naturally-occurring fruitiness and fresh, sour notes. All this without adding any colourants or fruit flavourings. Born from the ruby cocoa bean, which thrives in cacao-growing countries, Mother Nature really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Awaken the unique sensory properties of the ruby cocoa bean at the Malta Chocolate Factory!

Our team will also be present at the Hamrun Chocolate Festival on the 27th October along with the yummy ruby chocolate for you to feast your eyes and stomachs on. To show our support for Pink October - Breast Cancer awareness month - part of the proceeds from our ruby chocolate sales will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Malta Chocolate Factory – For all your chocolate needs!

We offer happiness in all forms; truffles, chocolate bars, hot and cold drinks, and our very own chocolate fountain! We at the Malta Chocolate Factory have made sure to place a large viewing window, so you can witness the chocolate making process first-hand! Contact us for more information on different ways of getting involved in one of our chocolate-making or chocolate pairing events!

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