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Enjoy the Many Benefits of Fruit Smoothies at Malta Chocolate Factory

There’s no time we crave sweet, refreshing drinks more than during the sweeter, hotter months. Our team at Malta Chocolate Factory takes a look at some of the many reasons to drink smoothies, whether for breakfast, brunch, dinner or a snack.

1. Satisfy your senses What beats the sight of that creamy texture of perfectly-blended fruit, the sweet taste of dessert, and the smell of summer in a glass? That’s right, nothing.

2. They’re filling With our busy lifestyles, we often skip breakfast and end up snacking on junk food between meals to keep hunger (and uncontrollable feelings of hanger that come with it) at bay. To avoid this, experts advise having smoothies which give you the energy you need and keep you full until the next main meal.

3. Glowing Skin Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients which are beneficial for our health and skin. One key nutrient that promotes radiant skin is Vitamin C, which can be found in fresh fruits such as strawberries and lime. This vitamin is also a main ingredient of collagen – an attribute of healthy, fresh skin and complexion. So if you’d like to have glowing skin this summer, look no further than smoothies containing these ingredients.

4. They’re berry rich in antioxidants Berries in particular, are rich in antioxidants which inhibit the growth of cancer-causing free radicals, so incorporating berries into your diet may help prevent or reduce symptoms of chronic diseases. And they go down a treat!

5. Fibre A good amount of fibrous food – which can be found in fruit or veg smoothies - help keep your bowels functioning smoothly so that you can enjoy summer without worrying about your health.

6. Beat the heat There’s nothing quite like a healthy, refreshing drink to cool you down after a long day walking around in the sun or lounging at the beach!

7. Blend flavour and nutrition Smoothies are therefore often the go-to for packing maximum nutrients into your diet, particularly if you’re constantly on-the-go or struggle to consume enough fruit or veg with solid meals. And with all the health benefits these blended beverages offer, it’s no surprise that many smoothie drinkers say they make them feel healthier and get an undeniable feel-good vibe after drinking a high-quality smoothie!

Get your own terrific-tasting icy blast at Malta Chocolate Factory! So whether you’re lactose or gluten intolerant, vegan, or simply want some nutritious goodness without sacrificing taste, our smoothies are the answer. From pineapple and melon to blueberry, raspberry, lime and ginger, the choice is yours! Come over to Malta Chocolate Factory and cool down with a refreshing smoothie and treat yourself to a wide selection of chocolates, truffles, and pralines if you’re seeking more sweetness in solid form!

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