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Some facts about Chocolate

Chocolate is made from plants that grow around the world near the Equator in South America, Africa and Asia.

Cocoa beans originated in South America. The Aztecs used cocoa beans for many years. They would crush the beans and mix with water, chilli, corn puree, cinnamon and other spices to make a frothy, bitter drink which they believed had strong medicinal powers.

In August 1502, Christopher Columbus on his fourth trip to the Americas came across the cocoa beans when he took a canoe of provisions from the locals and noticed their value of the beans when some spilled and they clambered to collect them all.

Columbus took the cocoa beans back to the Spanish court where the drink was made in much the same way as the Aztecs. However sugar or honey was added to remove the bitterness and better suit the European liking for sweetness.

The cocoa bean drink was a hit for the Spanish royalty and eventually for the commoners. Over 100 years the drink established across Europe and the chocolate became popular.

To be continued.....