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Treat Them With Treats: Why We Give Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

Just when you thought the Season of Giving was over, along comes Valentine’s Day – meaning that those of us happily manacled to a special someone will be rushing out to the stores once again in pursuit of that perfect gift. All have come to associate the 14th of February with lavish bouquets of red roses, expensive jewellery and, of course, chocolate! There is a heart-shaped history behind why Valentine’s Day and everyone’s favourite confectionery are now inseparable; the passionate team at the Malta Chocolate Factory takes a closer look.

An Edible Declaration of Love

Chocolate, in essence, is exotically romantic; not only does it look and taste like heaven, but it also has a considerable psychological and emotional effect on people. In a previous blog, we recently touched upon the reasons why chocolate makes us happy; some of the chemicals it contains promote feelings of attraction and excitement - essential ingredients to make any relationship sizzle!

Ye Olde Chocolatier’s

It was during the Victorian Age that Valentine’s Day became a commercial bonanza, when people would exchange Cupid-themed cards and gifts as a way of expressing their love. In the late 1800s, popular chocolatiers used cocoa butter extracted from cocoa beans to produce varieties of different chocolates, some of which were packaged in heart-shaped boxes decorated with rosebuds and Cupids. Thus, the concept of giving chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift was born. In fact, etiquette rules back then stated that engaged women should never accept a box of chocolates from a man other than their betrothed!

Looking to Spice Things Up? Chocolate is a Well-Known Aphrodisiac

Even the Aztecs recognised chocolate as a substance that inflamed desire and which made people more open to romance. This revelation went on to influence European royalty, who mixed chocolate with amber to show romantic appreciation towards their lovers. Chocolate can increase levels of energy and desire by releasing brain-soothing chemicals, which is reflected in the fact that women who eat chocolate are overall said to be more romantically inclined than those who don’t.

Keep the Valentine’s Tradition Alive and Come Over to Malta Chocolate Factory!

Our heart-shaped chocolates can be purchased in pretty boxes or in a hot chocolate mug – the latter only available as a special Valentine’s Day treat. Or how about a set of our White Chocolate Strawberry Crunch – these delicious pralines are made of exquisite strawberry ganache combined with wafer cone crunch, smothered in the finest white chocolate. There’s no beating Malta Chocolate Factory when it comes to picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

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